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Automate your data inventory

Map personal data with pre-built connectors to data sources.

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Benefit from a complete data inventory

Soveren provides a simple framework to register the types of data and the reasons why you hold them. Our solution automatically pulls data from all your systems, giving you a simple, comprehensive overview of all your data, designed to handle even the largest influx of data.

Connect data sources effortlessly

Soveren integrates with your existing tech stack without developer involvement. By connecting our solution to SaaS vendors and your internal systems, you can easily evaluate processing activities and access or erase personal data wherever it is from a single place.

Ensure audit readiness at all times

By automatically storing the who, what, why, where, when, and how of your data with Soveren, you ensure that you are always audit ready. No more reliance on messy, unstructured, and endless spreadsheets.

Coming soon: Automated GDPR compliant reporting for Article 30.

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