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Consumers can manage their privacy needs via a simple center.

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Build trust with a branded consumer privacy center

Boost transparency and improve consumer loyalty by creating trust. Soveren’s privacy center provides your consumers with a single place from where they can manage all of their data privacy needs, giving them control over their personal data.

Receive all DSARs in your Soveren inbox

Our Privacy center allows you to receive all data subject requests in one place. The Soveren inbox is structured to streamline requests to make it easy for data privacy professionals to prioritize, handle, and fulfil “without undue delay”.

Transform privacy into a business advantage

Privacy is not a cost-centre; it's a differentiator and revenue driver for your business. Offering a customizable and branded, consumer-centric privacy experience demonstrates you take privacy seriously. Two out of three consumers will buy more and buy more often if they trust you with their data.

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