Data flow monitoring and analytics platform

Proactively detect unapproved or unlawful processing of personal data before it harms your business and consumers.
No changes to application code
No personal data leaves your environment
No impact on availability or performance
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Leading security and engineering teams 💖 Soveren
Data discovery tools have traditionally been frustratingly complex and clunky. Soveren is addressing a clear gap by building a simpler, more intuitive solution for security and engineering teams.
Vincent Romney
Enterprise Security Architect at Nu Skin
Data-at-rest discovery tools don’t make the cut because of their complexity, cost, and focus on compliance use cases. Soveren analyzes data in motion so that we now know not only what sensitive data we have, but also what services are processing it and via which APIs.
Alexey Kessenikh
CISO at Joom
Soveren provides real-time visibility into the lifecycle of sensitive data in our Kubernetes environment. It allows us to map sensitive data flows, prioritize crown jewels, and enrich service catalogs without the manual overheads.
Jordi Miró Bruix
CTO at The Hotels Network
Soveren is helping high-growth startups and medium businesses replace manual, time-consuming data security and privacy measures with automated, continuous sensitive data monitoring and control, at a fraction of complexity and cost.
Nikesh Arora
Chairman CEO of Palo Alto Networks and former CBO of Google
At Virgin, our customers mean everything to us and treating them with respect and with world class service is at the core of the entire Virgin ethos. The way we handle their sensitive information is an important extension of this and something we take very seriously. As a family we are delighted to be investors in Soveren, whose mission and innovative technology will enable many more businesses to become better stewards of personal data.
Holly Branson
Virgin’s Chief Purpose and Vision Officer
Soveren is addressing one of the key technology challenges of the decade: moving away from people-centric, error-prone processes to protecting sensitive data fully automatically and reliably. Their product provides CISOs and their teams with easy-to-use tools to detect and address data security, privacy, and compliance gaps. The calibre of their seed round speaks to the pedigree of founders, and to the size of the task ahead.
Spencer Crawley
Co-Founding General Partner of firstminute capital
From my experience working with MuleSoft customers, I saw a clear and pressing need to solve the data usage and risk problem of sprawling datasets, and not knowing what was where and how data got used. Soveren is taking a unique approach to this. It's built from the ground up to listen, learn and report on data inflight without having to access existing systems or sensitive data.
Ross Mason
Founder of MuleSoft and Dig Ventures
Many companies, including Airbnb, have built in-house platforms to manage sensitive data in compliance with regulations and business rules because no one tool meets their needs. I’m excited about Soveren’s potential to change this situation by providing data discovery, monitoring, and intelligence capabilities so that companies can focus on their core business, rather than divert valuable resources to build and maintain their own tools.
Brendon Lynch
Chief Privacy Officer of Airbnb and former Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft
Kubernetes is a brilliant platform but it creates visibility problems, particularly in the data layer. Soveren is akin to a torch in the Kubernetes darkness, allowing to easily establish observability into sensitive data by detecting it in flight without latency or performance hit.
Gaurav Gupta
VP Tech Platform at Farfetch
Soveren was easy to adopt. It provided us with accurate, real-time visibility into sensitive data so that we can keep it protected.
Denis Kuchin
IT Security Manager at Mindbox
{  Soveren's benefits  }

Never overlook violations of privacy and security policies

Soveren proactively detects unapproved or unlawful collection, usage and sharing of personal data before it harms your business and consumers
Get live map of personal data flows
Scan your entire production environment to automatically and precisely discover all apps, services, and personal data flows.
Replace manual, time-consuming reviews
Ensure that apps and services continuously process personal data in line with privacy, security, and engineering requirements.
Prevent illegitimate data processing
Detect privacy incidents and data breaches before they lead to unacceptable outcomes such as brand damage or lawsuits.
Free forever plan available
{  Why Soveren  }

Illegitimate personal data processing harms your business and consumers

2 out of 3 security and engineering leaders fail to detect unapproved or unlawful collection, usage, and sharing of personal data, which can harm their business and  consumers.
Privacy incidents or data breaches result in unacceptable outcomes:
Brand damage
Regulatory fines
C-level personal liability
Breach of consumer duty
Revenue loss
Learn how to automatically and continuously detect personal data flow misconfigurations and violations of privacy and security policies.
Free forever plan available
{  Investors  }

Leading technology founders and investors back Soveren

Soveren was easy to deploy and immediately showed us sensitive data where we didn't expect to find it. It provided our security and engineering teams with the key inputs to rearchitect our services in a more secure and compliant way.
Alex Andronov
CTO at Dodo Brands
Soveren excels at providing a unified view of our extensive infrastructure, helping us track all assets and data flows in real-time. The data mapping and prioritization features are particularly beneficial in our large environment. Soveren is essential in focusing our security efforts.
Fatih Bayindir
Senior Security Engineer at Trendyol Group
Soveren is a unique player in the DSPM tool space and is designed specifically for Kubernetes environments from the ground up. I am convinced that their ability to provide automated observability into data flows of quickly changing, microservice-based environments can be extremely helpful for security teams handling complex workloads.
Arseniy Vershinin
Co-founder & Chief Architect at Personio
Soveren stands out with its straightforward integration and rapid delivery of precise data insights, offering a level of visibility that’s second to none.
Yaron Slutzky
Chief Security Officer at Agoda Booking Holding
Without Soveren, our Security Operations and Response team was fighting an uphill battle — manually looking for data risks — to secure our application environment.
Guy Fridman
Directory of CyberSecurity at Agoda Booking Holding
The deep integration of Soveren with Kubernetes makes using the policy builder a breeze. Being able to set policies based on existing CI/CD practices saves us lots of time.
Coleton Peterson
Principal Cloud Security Architect at Agoda Booking Holding
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Free to try and easy to deploy

Soveren is seamless to deploy, requires no changes to application code, and has no access to personal data.
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Up to 50 API endpoints
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Up to 100 API endpoints
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Unlimited API endpoints
Free forever plan available