The future of data protection and privacy

We founded Soveren on the premise that data privacy should be a technology feature, not a business constraint.

Security by design

Our mission is to help engineering and security teams protect an ever-growing volume of personal data, while keeping things simple.

Our vision is to deliver data privacy as a code, allowing businesses to automate compliance, and developers to build applications that incorporate privacy by design.

Why does it matter?

Personal data is an important and valuable resource that allows for improved, personalized experiences for consumers. Consumers and governments alike are increasingly demanding the right to full transparency and control over how personal data is used and who it is sold to.

This is why almost every company has to worry about how to process personal data right. And they need to figure out how to move beyond the incessant troubleshooting issues and high cost of data protection and compliance.

We at Soveren believe that companies can achieve substantial benefits with the right personal data protection infrastructure:
  • Reduce the risk of personal data exposure or breach with real-time visibility and alerts
  • Automate privacy compliance and drive as much cost and time as possible out of this process
  • Maximize the value of personal data while respecting data privacy rights and regulations

A little bit of history

As the world became more and more digitized, a large number of technology companies recognized the value of collecting and processing personal data. For the first decade of this millennium, consumers allowed companies to collect and process their personal data in exchange for convenience.

Fast forward ten years and the digital surveillance economy is now in full stride. But something very important happened a few years ago. Companies began to violate consumer trust. The many data breaches — especially thefts of personal and financial details — left consumers worried about identity theft and upset with companies about their cavalier handling of sensitive information. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and stories of foreign actors manipulating elections opened people’s eyes to the dark side of the misuse of personal data. In response, governments passed more stringent data privacy regulations to protect consumer rights.

What lies ahead?

The data privacy and protection issue is here to stay. Companies now find themselves at a crossroad where their interest in using personal data to generate revenue and provide better-quality services is in conflict with consumers’ data rights and new government regulations.

Companies now face the reality that they need to tackle this issue head on or face substantial risks, including loss of consumer trust, loss of business, class action litigation, and regulatory fines.

Privacy as code

Existing applications and data flows need to be monitored for constant data protection and compliance visibility. However, new applications can be designed with data privacy coded into their fabric. Soveren’s vision is to provide an API into its service so that applications can determine in real time if personal data processing is appropriate, and control who has access to the data and for how long. This service becomes part of the fundamental data processing infrastructure for the organization.

Applications must also deal with the reality that there are many different and constantly evolving regulations that may impact the personal data records they are processing. Being in partnership with a service that can be relied on to manage the variability of the regulatory landscape and automatically incorporate appropriate actions simplifies development, reduces maintenance, and improves compliance.

Those applications that can easily leverage the data privacy infrastructure can support advanced configurations, such as the need to split personal data from non-personal data and store the personal data on a server in a particular geography, or support a variety of encryption schemes.

Soveren is building the personal data protection infrastructure of the future to make things simpler, safer, and more transparent for both companies and consumers.

Final thoughts

Consumers and governments alike have made it clear that personal data should be handled with care and respect. Companies that are constantly troubleshooting issues are facing data exposure events, regulatory fines, and growing costs. But there is a better way: enabling personal data protection and privacy by design, embedding them in the very fabric of code, and avoiding these issues altogether. Soveren’s vision is to help businesses do just that.