Stay compliant.
Detect and resolve privacy incidents and risks

Soveren discovers personal data and detects privacy risks by analyzing real-time data flows inside your company’s infrastructure.
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Trusted by amazing Engineering and Security teams
Frankly, privacy is no longer a question of just GDPR or CCPA compliance. Privacy incidents damage your brand, growth, and ability to attract capital. With Soveren it just got easier to protect yourself from privacy incidents and risks.
Alex Bouaziz
Co-Founder & CEO at Deel
The spread of personal data across a company’s applications, services, and APIs has become near impossible to track. Soveren's technological edge results in the ability to easily discover personal data, identify privacy risks, and suggest effective control measures.
Sergey Barysiuk
Founder & CTO at PandaDoc
Soveren makes it easy to know our data, understand privacy risks, and stay compliant.
Leo Royzengurt
VP of Engineering at Hubble Contacts
Soveren's technology fills a privacy gap, complementing our existing security tools to address privacy risks and avoid compliance violations.
Eng Heng Yeo
Product & Ops at Headsup
We looked at a number of data-at-rest discovery tools but they didn’t make the cut because of complexity and lack of insights. Soveren analyzes our data in motion so that we now know not only what personal data we have and where it’s stored, but also what services are accessing it and through which APIs.
Alexey Kessenikh
CISO at Joom
Soveren made it very simple to discover and visualize data flows across our environment to prevent privacy incidents before they happen.
Elena Grabchak
Co-Founder and CTO at Performetry
Soveren provides valuable insights to address privacy gaps. Their team is extremely supportive throughout the customer journey and makes it easy to get to value fast.
Nir Levy
CTO at DayZz
Privacy tools have traditionally been frustratingly complex and clunky. Soveren is addressing a clear gap by building simpler, more intuitive solutions for CTOs and engineers who are not necessarily privacy experts.
Vincent Romney
Enterprise Security Architect at Nu Skin
Soveren provides valuable insights into personal data used in day-to-day business operations. These insights make it easy to protect personal data and stay compliant with CCPA and other regulatory obligations.
Edward Hunt
CISO at Cash Express
Soveren was easy to adopt. It provided us with accurate, real-time visibility into personal data so that we can keep it protected.
Jordi Miró Bruix
CTO at The Hotels Network
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Soveren is easy to deploy

import soveren
coffee = grab_a_cup()
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#No code changes
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Simplified privacy compliance

Soveren makes it easy to implement continuous privacy incident detection and remediation.
Get actionable data intelligence
Soveren analyzes real-time data flows inside your infrastructure to discover personal data used in day-to-day business operations.
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Detect privacy incidents and risks
Soveren detects privacy incidents and risks and provides actionable intelligence to resolve them.
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Implement effective controls
Your team can now spend less time addressing privacy gaps to stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory obligations.
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{  Why it matters  }

Avoid the damaging consequences of privacy incidents

10 million companies globally are at risk of violating GDPR and other regulatory obligations because of their failure to detect and resolve privacy incidents and risks.
ISO 27001
$1.8M average GDPR fine
Are you currently protected against the most common privacy incidents and risks?
Undetected new personal data recipients (internal and external)
Lack of visibility into precisely what personal data is being collected
Personal data stored in systems which were not designed to keep it safe
Highly sensitive combination of personal data accessed via a single API
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Complement your existing security and legal measures to address the privacy gaps
Security software
Privacy incidents
and risks
Security software successfully addresses security threats, but has a limited impact when addressing privacy challenges.
Privacy has to be embraced by engineering because legal measures alone can’t guarantee compliance.
Soveren's technology fills the void in privacy. It strengthens existing security measures and provides protection from financial and brand damage caused by privacy incidents.

Privacy is the new Security

Soveren’s vision is to facilitate the inevitable shift from privacy statements on paper to privacy as an engineering discipline
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Backed by tier-one VC funds and unicorn founders

and other amazing investors
Soveren is helping high-growth startups and medium businesses replace manual, time-consuming data privacy measures with automated, continuous personal data monitoring and control, at a fraction of complexity and cost.
Nikesh Arora
Chairman CEO of Palo Alto Networks and former CBO of Google
At Virgin, our customer relationships drive the entire Virgin ethos, and the way we handle personal information is an extension of this. The Branson family are delighted to be investors in Soveren, whose mission and innovative technology will enable many more businesses to become better stewards of personal data.
Holly Branson
Virgin’s Chief Purpose and Vision Officer
Soveren is addressing one of the key technology challenges of the decade: privacy and compliance for Engineering teams. Their product provides CTOs, CISOs, and Privacy Engineers with easy-to-use tools to detect and address privacy gaps. The calibre of their seed round speaks to the pedigree of founders, and to the size of the task ahead.
Spencer Crawley
Co-Founding General Partner of firstminute capital
From my experience working with MuleSoft customers, I saw a clear and pressing need to solve the data usage and risk problem of sprawling datasets, and not knowing what was where and how data got used. Soveren is taking a unique approach to this. It's built from the ground up to listen, learn and report on data inflight without having to access existing systems or personal data.
Ross Mason
Founder of MuleSoft and Dig Ventures
I have always believed that developers will eventually assume responsibility for Privacy within organizations. Soveren provides them with the monitoring and control tools to get this job done.
Guy Podjarny
Founder of Snyk
Many companies, including Airbnb, have built in-house platforms to manage personal data in compliance with regulations and business rules because no one tool meets their needs. I’m excited about Soveren’s potential to change this situation by providing data discovery, monitoring, and intelligence capabilities so that companies can focus on their core business, rather than divert valuable resources to build and maintain their own compliance tools.
Brendon Lynch
Chief Privacy Officer of Airbnb and former Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft