Actionable intelligence on personal data inside your

Actionable intelligence on personal data inside your

Find and fix security and compliance issues quickly
Monitor continuously or scan for free now
No code changes
No personal data leaves your environment

We keep an eye on personal data security and compliance, so you don’t have to

Why it matters
Engineering teams often prioritize accelerated product development at the expense of personal data security and compliance. This can put your customers and company at risk.
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How it works
Soveren’s gateway scans your traffic to discover personal data and monitor its usage. It automatically finds issues and suggests fixes to prevent personal data loss and compliance violations.
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Simplified personal data security and compliance for engineering teams

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Find issues and get actionable fix advice
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Build secure and privacy compliant applications


Soveren scans data in motion to find security and privacy vulnerabilities and provide actionable fix advice.
Discover personal data
Continuously identify personal data without relying on manual data mapping exercises.
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Understand data risks
Get a real-time view of the most sensitive data that requires the highest degree of attention.
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Get insights into personal data access
Monitor how personal data flows across your systems and which services have access to it.
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Reduce personal data exposure
Identify places where services have excessive access to personal data they shouldn’t have.
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