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Soveren for IT & engineering

The ultimate data
privacy platform

Soveren is a single platform to monitor and control personal data across your entire IT stack.

Fully automate personal data management

We help IT and engineering teams eliminate the time lost on managing personal data across your entire tech stack.

Support all third-party apps and in-house data sources
We’ve built secure integrations to popular applications and databases to automate personal data management across your entire IT stack.
Focus on building your core product, not privacy tools
Our privacy platform evolves with regulations, so you can focus on your core product’s functionality and a scalable IT infrastructure.
Build a scalable privacy compliance foundation from day one
Soveren puts you one step ahead by allowing you to automate privacy compliance before it becomes an uncontrollable risk and time sink.

Backed by the founders of the leading tech companies

Ross Mason
Guy Podjarny
Olivier Pomel
Co-founder and CEO
Nathan Blecharczyk

and Europe’s best venture funds

Our technology is used by
Visa logo

Privacy is nothing without security

Data security is a core foundation of data privacy, that’s why we implement security by design.

Read about our security →

Simple pricing

Use Soveren for free and pay just €5 per consumer privacy request after the first 100.

100 consumer


€5 each thereafter

  • Auto request processing

  • Data inventory

  • Consumer privacy center

  • Unlimited integrations

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A better way to manage
 personal data

Data subject DELETION request
Without a structured system, deletion of customer data can corrupt your entire database. This makes data deletion a drain on resources. With Soveren, you can automate all deletion processes from one tool, while ensuring the integrity of your systems.
Data subject ACCESS request
Data discovery across multiple databases is a fragmented and time-consuming process. Compiling reports on the data found compounds this time sink. Connect your data sources to Soveren for one-click, automated discovery and report generation.

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Use Soveren for free and pay just €5 for the automation of each request. Automate your first 100 requests for free.

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