Use cases

Get real-time visibility into personal data types and sensitivity
Real-time personal data dashboard
Get an overview of the types
of personal data collected.
Personal data sensitivity
Identify the most critical assets (e.g. SSN or credit card data).
Identify systems that collect and share personal data
Visibility into systems
Understand which systems store which particular data types (e.g. email).
Assess the sensitivity of each system based on the data processed.
Identify which services have excessive access to personal data
Soveren provides actionable insights to identify the risks related to personal data access.
See who is accessing
personal data in
large volumes
See who has access to the most sensitive personal data
Get visibility
into the flow of
personal data
Review which APIs could expose sensitive data
Soveren builds and maintains a catalog for APIs that expose personal data, in addition to identifying the most risky endpoints.
Understand where personal data is in the API schema
Soveren provides a schema and all other relevant information for each API that exposes personal data so you can control its availability and exposure.
Analyze all your API schemas
Review what personal data is exposed